World Peace Choral Festival

2017\7\26 - 2017\7\29

Coming Together to Sing, Sing for a Better Future

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    World Tours with Shaolin Monks

    World Tours with Shaolin Monks

    Rarely left their monastery in China until Dr. Wang (the founder of UNIART) discovered and encouraged them for making appearances abroad in the early 90‘s, now the Shaolin Monks are well known internationally for their physical undertakings, amazing physical endurance and artistry. Their Kungfu performance became one of the most successful shows of today’s world. Till now more than 2500 shows were made in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia and millions of people on all continents watched the performance alive. The Shaolin monks were invited as honored guests by TV stations such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Lettermann, the Regis&Kathie Lee, "Wetten dass…" with Thomas Gottschalk and so on. Also many reputed newspapers, magazines and radios reported on their appearance.

    The international Press commented on our activity:
    The most fascinating show in this season. From grandpa to grandson, everybody loves it… (The Times, London)
    The show is astonishing... (The Times, London) 
    It is Kungfu as you have never seen it… (The Times, London) 
    East meets West and everybody is happy… (The New York Times)
    There are no masters equal to the Shaolin monks… (The New York Times)
    Nobody thought how entertaining the introduction in Zen-Buddhism could be… (The Los Angeles Times) 
    In an age when there is no need to defend their home any more, the Shaolin monks have been forced to become entertainers. And we love that fact… (Independent)
    Shaolin monks, expert in Kungfu, are emphasizing the spiritual side of their martial art on a tour of Europe… (Daily Telegraph)
    The ultimate material arts experience... (Chuck Norris)
    Some amazing feats of strength…  (Jay Leno)
    Incredible artistry breathtaking stunts… (Kate Maddox, Las Vegas Sun)
    The most stunning, thrilling and exciting live show I have ever seen. The unbelievable strength of the monks minds makes the unbelievable possible... (Leonardo DiCaprio)
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