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    UNIART consists of companies in Beijing, Hong Kong, Vienna, Berlin and New York etc.

    UNIART is one of the leading promoters in China. Focusing its business on concert tours and culture events, UNIART promotes Chinese culture and artists around the world and brings the foreign artists and products to China.

    UNIART produces TV shows, programs and documentaries in China and around the world.
    UNIART organizes special events, PR activities and advertising campaigns for the partners in China and abroad.


    The main business of UNIART is focused on:

    -  Production of cultural and entertainment shows;
    -  Promotion of Chinese musician and artists in China and abroad;
    -  Promotion of foreign musician and artists in China;
    -  Production of TV shows and films;
    -  TV program exchanges and sales;
    -  Exhibitions;
    -  Special events, PR activities and advertising.
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