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The World Masters in China

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Professional Growth for Music Educators

"The World Masters in China" is a non-profit oriented project by Uniart to support the development of music and arts education in China, enhancing the international
exchanges and co-operation between China and other countries.

Within "The World Masters in China", international top experts of music and arts education are invited to give workshops, master classes and seminars, visits to schools, rehearsals and concerts etc. to spread out their ideas, knowledge and experience to help the music teachers, choral and orchestral conductors in the schools and art training centers to develop and to gain international state of the art information, theories, techniques and training methods, knowledge and trends.

Since 2012, a series of activities of "The World Masters in China" was undertaken throughout the China, e.g. in the metropolitan cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shezhen, Chengdu, but also in small towns and rural regions such as in Fuqing, Dali, Yanshi, Baotou etc. Till now more than 30,000 Chinese music and art teachers and educators have been directly trained by the international top experts of the "World Masters in China". Millions of school students have been benefiting from the fruits of the project.

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