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 The World Orchestra Festival 2023
 The World Orchestra Festival 2023

The World Orchestra Festival 2023

Time & Location

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01 Jul 2023, 19:00 – 02 Jul 2023, 19:00

Vienna, Austria

About the event

The World Orchestra Festival, established in 2013 under the theme "One Future,"

strives to convey love and peace through music, fostering cultural exchanges among

nations. Successfully hosted nine times in Austria and Australia, it stands as a pivotal

cultural symbol in its respective locations, garnering robust support from the host

governments and acclaim from renowned international musicians and educators.

Today, the festival boasts an international and diverse structure characterized by

professionalism and standardization. Its events, including the opening ceremony,

master class, World Orchestra Competition, special concerts, and the Golden Hall

Ceremony Concert, have captured the global attention of orchestras. The festival has

evolved into an indispensable brand for artistic and cultural exchange, leaving a lasting

impact on the hearts of young musicians worldwide.

To date, over 100 orchestras from countries such as the United States, the United

Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the

Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore,

Indonesia, Australia, China (mainland, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan) have

participated. Together, they have orchestrated a vibrant cadenza of international music

and cultural exchange, solidifying the World Orchestra Festival's position as a

cornerstone in the global music artistic community

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