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Vienna Summer Music College 

Every Summer from June 1st to September 30th

Feel the artistic atmosphere in the City of Music

Collaboration with renowned musicians

Gain insight from global masters

Pursue your dream of studying at the top music school

What You Can Expect


Master Classes

Comprising international masters, professors, and top professional teachers, the master team at the Vienna Summer Music College offers students customized sessions including one-on-one lessons, group classes, and chamber music courses of varying durations. Tailored guidance is provided based on the students' age and skill level by assigning different experts accordingly.


Music Lectures

A variety of lectures such as performance technique seminars, Vienna music appreciation and history lectures, introductions to music education in Vienna, career development talks (admissions, interviews, employment), and so forth.



Competitions are not the ultimate goal! They serve to benchmark against excellence, enhance artistic proficiency, showcase musical talent, and promote local and national culture. Additionally, competitions serve as a platform to discover talented young individuals and support them in their professional development journey. The competition categories are divided by profession and age group, including solo and ensemble competitions (duos, trios, quartets, chamber ensembles, etc.).



A series of performance opportunities at iconic venues such as Mozarthouse, House of Strauss, City Hall of Vienna, churches, and community cultural centres. These uniquely styled music venues offer each performer an unforgettable showcase experience and the artistic honor of applause from Vienna's enthusiastic audience. Note: Outstanding students will have the chance to perform at the world-famous Vienna Golden Hall.



A series of visits, tracing the footsteps of famous musicians throughout history, immersing in an atmosphere filled with musical notes, inspiring musical creativity, and igniting the spirit of progress. Visits include destinations such as Beethoven's Residence, Haydn's Residence, Strauss Coffee House, Schubert's Church, Vienna Woods, and so forth.



A unique platform for participants to meet friends from all over the world


Customized Arrangements

Participants can express their preferences, and the college will make every effort to arrange appropriate courses and activities to meet the needs of participants in terms of schedule, duration, and content.



Certificates signed by experts as a commemoration of participation


Keyboard instruments (piano, accordion, etc.)

String instruments (violin, viola, cello, guitar, etc.)

Brass instruments

Woodwind instruments

Percussion instruments

Voice, conducting, composition, musicals, dance, media music (film and television scoring, game scoring, music production, songwriting, etc.), recording, choir, chamber music, cultural arts management.

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